Vaser was developed by Dr. William W. Cimino in 1998 the founder of Sound Surgical Technologies LLC (USA).

Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, is a third-generation ultrasound-assisted liposuction tool that delivers energy in pulses through a specially designed probe those helping to prevent overexposure to ultrasonic waves and the side effects experienced in previous generations of UAL technologies. The Vaser device is capable of selectively delivering ultrasound energy to liquefy the fat in the body without damaging other types of tissues. This allows doctors to target full thickness of fat layer including parts close to skin and muscle. Mainly the middle portion of fat layer aimed at by other methods, especially conventional SAL.

The Vaser high-definition liposculpture procedure completely revolutionized surgical body sculpting as it really helps to reshape and sculpt the body. This method involves liposuction using ultrasound around different muscles groups. The Vaser instrument used during surgery liquefies the fat and allows the doctor to target specific fat layers which helps to create the sculpted appearance of the muscles by working in multidimensional planes.

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How Vaser Works