Training and the Fellowship Program

The BABS is committed to the development, management, and continuous improvement of best practices in body sculpting.  It also is committed to transmitting competency and know-how to doctors desiring to learn more about this facet of cosmetic surgery.  For this reason, the British Association of Body Sculpting sponsors a clinical fellowship program that helps train new doctors.   

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The program includes training in all phases of patient interactions and care for body sculpting.  This helps fellows to gain sufficient hands on experience under the tutelage over an experienced practitioner, and this ensures that best practices are transmitted to a new generation of doctors.

The curriculum of the BABS clinical fellowship training also covers aspects of cosmetic interventions not directly related to body sculpting.  This includes non-surgical and related surgical treatments. This allows new doctors to gain experience in wider range of skills required by a cosmetic surgery professional.

The BABS clinical fellowship program was developed in consultation with the GMC, four England based post-graduate deaneries and Health Education England (HEE).

The BABS is a certified member of CPD, the UK's independent accreditation and certification service.