The BABS Charter

We know that the concept of physical beauty and attractiveness has changed over time, and has varied from culture to culture.  However, since the inception of mass media, the ideal body shape has become more extreme in its uniformity, and our culture has become more demanding.  Indeed, so powerful are these social forces, that for some, perceived body shape can have a strong negative effect on their self-confidence, as well as their physical and mental wellbeing. 

As not everyone has the discipline needed to lead a healthy lifestyle, to balance caloric intake, and develop his or her athletic attributes, body sculpting can be an important option.  That said, as part of its professional charter, the British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS) members are required to explain non-surgical options to patients, and only advocate body sculpting and contouring procedures if other options are considered unrealistic or unachievable by the patient.