Clarifying Patient Expectations

There is no objective measure of what constitutes a good cosmetic result.  Each patient has different expectations, and concerns.  What may seem like a small cosmetic blemish to one person may be the cause of significant distress in another. One patient's successful result could be completely dissatisfying to another.

For these reasons, one of a cosmetic surgeon's biggest challenges is in carefully evaluating patient expectations, and providing information clarifying potential outcomes, as well as explaining the risksas clearly as possible.  Surgeons must also involve patients in the decision making process, takinginto account their aesthetic preferences and opinions, balancing this with clear information on what can be realistically achieved.

The perceptual component of cosmetic surgery is extremely important, and one of the objectives of the BABS is to help codify consultation approaches that will help patients achieve a clearer idea of what can be achieved for their body type, gender, age, skin type, and so on.  For this reason, the association reviews and agrees best practice documentation on managing patient expectations.