Body Tite

Body Tite

It utilises RFAL – Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction. It involves creating bipolar RF current which flows from the internal to the external electrode placed on the skin above the internal electrode/cannula .

RF energy emission current from an internal electrode towards its external counterpart melts fat on its pathway while simultaneously aspirating it and it coagulates tissues, resulting in coagulation of adipose, vascular and fibrous tissue as well as heating the entire soft-tissue matrix. The coagulated and liquefied fat is aspirated while heating of the soft tissue matrix and sub-dermal tissue results in body tightening and re-contouring. Safety of tissue heating is monitored continuously via special software.

Body Tite is specifically useful for body sculpting in areas with lax skin due to its unique property to retract dermis.

Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL)

This method uses high pressure liquid jet to dislodge fat cells before they can be aspirated.

History of WAL

This method of liposuction, developed in 2001-2003 by German surgeons (Traufig, Meyer) is based on the water jet technique - a technique that has long been known in the industry for cutting various materials and which has been used in the medical field for years, for example in liver surgery. With water jet assisted liposuction, a fan-shaped water jet gently removes the fat cells from the tissue. As part of the same action, the fluid and the removed fat particles area suctioned off.

Body Jet or Aqua Lipo is a technology for WAL and it was produced and launched in 2003 by Human Med AG of Germany, a leading manufacturer of medical and aesthetic devices.

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