Body Jet (Aqua Lipo)

Using Body-Jet, a pressure system directs the infiltration solution through a closed tubing system into a very thin application cannula. The flow of infiltrate may be customized for each case and can be selected from several different levels through a software guidance system. Highly dispersed infiltrated solution gives immediate anaesthesia. The infiltration cannula is swapped for the suction cannula and the aspiration process begins immediately.

As a general rule, the fluid leads the way dislodging fat; the cannula simply follows and penetrates soft areas. The functional structures are displaced by the jet and thereby protected from mechanical trauma. A gentle, force-free method of working is always a sure sign of a safe and atraumatic procedure.
One of the most unique aspects of the Body-Jet is its AquaShapeFTTM LipoCollector which is suitable for the collection of fat intended for re-injection or laboratory purpose.

Body-Jet offers a superior harvesting opportunity for fat transfer using its closed system of Aqua Shape FT LipoCollector. Harvested this way and immediately filtered, fat does not require the lengthy centrifuge process usually necessary to reduce water volume before a fat transfer. Viability of fat cells collected with Body Jet shown to be far superior to other harvesting methods. It also allows larger volumes of aspirated fat to be undamaged and suitable for re-implantation and reshaping larger areas.

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