About the British Association of Body Sculpting

Objectives and Goals of the BABS

Surgical body sculpting procedures, including traditional liposuction, remain popular amongst patients. Vaser, Body Tite, Aquajet, Smart Lipo and other technologies have opened new horizons in body sculpting. Doctors providing these services have joined together to form a professional body: the British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS).

The aim of the BABS is to promote clinical excellence in aesthetic body sculpting procedures.  This includes the establishment and oversight of clinical practice standards, professional conduct, training, and continuous professional development of body sculpting doctors.  In addition, it includes the support and education of patients, legislators, lawyers, insurers, and other third parties. 

The organization aspires to be the UK’s most authoritative source of information on best practices for patient selection, operative treatment, and post-operative care.